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Wednesday, 7/18/07 Report

   The fishing improved again today along the western end of the Reach Channel. Had very good fishing to start the day. Lost the current around 11:30, but a wind shift to the east helped out just enough to push us along the egde of the channel. Had excellent fishing from noon till 2:00. We had one person with their limit, and a couple more people with 7. Barbara Trematerra, Dan Dishey, Jim Wargo, and Gary Schroeder, all from Rahway, NJ, combined to keep 23 Fluke, and Gary won today's pool with a 4 pound fish.
  There has been a improvement in the fishing each day since Sunday, with today being the best day in over a week. This is a good sign of things to come. Fluke usually don't bite at different times during the month of July. We see it every year, and most of you who fish regularly are aware of it. Hopefully, with only 54 days left in the Fluke season, we have seen the worst of it, and we can get back to the business of putting some fish in your buckets, and coolers.

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