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Saturday, 6/30/07 Report


   Started the morning with slack tide, and not much wind. Made our first stop at the Keansburg buoy, and after a couple of drifts, marched on to the Reach Channel. Started around the midway point of the channel, and waited for some current to float us. We did slowly pick some fish, but couldn't get enough current to stay with it. Moved further east to the Knoll, and had a pick of sorts, and Sea Robins with an occasional keeper mixed in. The good news was that we were drifting, but the bad news was the overwhelming amount of Robins that moved in to the area. There are some Fluke sped out here, but it was very hard to keep the bait down for any amount of time without getting hit by a bird. Overall it was an ok day. High hook was 5 keepers, and today's pool was split between Byung C. Dokko, Colonia, NJ, and Mike Melillo, Berkeley Heights, NJ. Byung, and Mike each had a 6 pound Fluke. Tim Dickerson was close behind with two Fluke that weighed just a couple of ounces under 6 pounds.

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